About us

One of Ryterna’s areas of activity is sheet metal processing with CNC machines AMADA, KIMLA, HMT and others. The production base consists of a Fiber laser, which can cut up to 12mm thick steel, up to 6mm stainless steel and up to 5mm aluminium, as well as non-ferrous metal (bronze, copper, etc.), high-speed coordinate stamping presses can stamp up to 3mm thick metal, bending presses bend 0.4mm to 6.0mm thick metal and sheet steel cutting machine up to 5.0mm thick. We also do welding, milling, turning. The powder coating line is used for product painting.


Tin folding


We bend various tinplate bends: window sills, sills, corners, parapets, quadruple rain drainage systems;

Scope of work: from a few windowsills to a complete set of Eternit hinged roofs or a hinged set for a 1000 m² building with a ventilated facade;

We produce non-standard and one-piece products: window coverings, round decorative fencing, etc .;

We bend stainless steel for products up to 310 cm in length.

Metal bending


We bend various products from sheet steel: from various 1 mm galvanized profiles to 4 mm metal construction elements;

Product length up to 3 m, thickness up to 4 mm;

We bend a variety of specialized non-standard products: stainless steel thresholds for armored doors, frame parts for small trucks or trawl trailers, etc.

Metal cutting


We cut various support, structural and mounting plates (1.5 x 50 x 100; 2 x 100 x 300; 4 x 20 x 150 mm, etc.);

Black stainless and non-ferrous metal strips (1 x 80 x 3000; 2 x 150 x 2500 mm, etc.);

Single and irregular shapes (triangles, rhombuses, etc.);

Corrugated metal stair steps, etc .;

Product length up to 3.10 m, thickness up to 5 mm.

Fiber Laser- KIMLA

Hydraulic press brake-AMADA


Agronomijos st. 47 LT-47480 Kaunas
tel.: 8-37 490098
mob. tel.:8 618 19819
E-mail: tomas.k@ryterna.lt