About us

One of Ryterna’s activities is sheet metal processing with Amada and KIMLA machines. The production base consists of a Fiber laser which is capable of cutting steel up to 14 mm thick, stainless steel up to 12 mm thick and aluminum up to 8 mm thick, non-ferrous metal (bronze, copper, etc.), high speed jigsaws, folding presses and sheet steel cutting machine. Powder coating line is used for product painting.


Tin folding


We bend various tinplate bends: window sills, sills, corners, parapets, quadruple rain drainage systems;

Scope of work: from a few windowsills to a complete set of Eternit hinged roofs or a hinged set for a 1000 m² building with a ventilated facade;

We produce non-standard and one-piece products: window coverings, round decorative fencing, etc .;

We bend stainless steel for products up to 310 cm in length.

Metal bending


We bend various products from sheet steel: from various 1 mm galvanized profiles to 4 mm metal construction elements;

Product length up to 3 m, thickness up to 4 mm;

We bend a variety of specialized non-standard products: stainless steel thresholds for armored doors, frame parts for small trucks or trawl trailers, etc.

Metal cutting


We cut various support, structural and mounting plates (1.5 x 50 x 100; 2 x 100 x 300; 4 x 20 x 150 mm, etc.);

Black stainless and non-ferrous metal strips (1 x 80 x 3000; 2 x 150 x 2500 mm, etc.);

Single and irregular shapes (triangles, rhombuses, etc.);

Corrugated metal stair steps, etc .;

Product length up to 3.10 m, thickness up to 5 mm.


Agronomijos st. 47 LT-47480 Kaunas
tel.: 8-37 490098
mob. tel.:8 618 19819
E-mail: tomas.k@ryterna.lt